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“Locker 13” to be released in theaters! “Locker 13” to be released in theaters!

I was excited to find out this past week that an independent film that I co-starred in six years ago, Locker 13,  just sold to Arc Entertainment and got distribution! I attended the private screening last night, and there will be a limited theatrical... [read more]

Got golf? Got golf?

‘Tis the season for new ventures, new projects and lots of fun! I’ve been working like crazy lately for lots of new projects and clients, and one of them is a brand new social media golf club that just launched called GrassHopper Golf! This... [read more]

Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Well, it’s time for all our resolutions to begin, and with that in mind, I just finished a few television commercials for the most amazing Sports and Health Club in Seattle, Washington! Now, this is not your average club... [read more]

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2012 recap and a look into 2013 2012 recap and a look into 2013

A message to my friends and fans (plus some serious and not so serious moments)… As... [read more]

MNF promo MNF promo

This was taken while... [read more]

Photos: “Maneater” and “The Controller” Photos: “Maneater” and “The Controller”

Enjoy these photos taken during various projects after the cameras stopped... [read more]

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