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NetherBeast, Incorporated On the set of Netherbeast with one of my favorite comedians, Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live! He is a serious and thoughtful gentleman, but the minute the camera goes on, he has everyone in the room laughing hysterically.




NetherBeast, Incorporated What can I say, the famous and brilliant Judd Nelson – who can ever forget his performance in The Breakfast Club! He went on to many other fantastic roles (St. Elmo’s Fire, Billionaire Boys Club, New Jack City, Suddenly Susan, the list goes on….) and he is currently working on numerous projects for film and television. We had a lot of fun on set, but most of all I learned so much just from watching him work – he is a master at breaking down a script! 



NetherBeast, Incorporated Nothing better than getting to wear a costume from the 1970’s. This is me and Jason Mewes (from Clerks, Clerks II, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mall Rats) striking our best disco pose as we are about to film a flashback scene.


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MissMatched These were fun pictures snapped between takes on the set of a short film I participated in called “MissMatched.” It was part of a 48-hour film challenge, where a mix of actors directors and writers randomly form groups and have to create a short film in only two days.

MissMatched It is an extreme challenge to write the script, find locations, props and costumes, and then create a story that looks and sounds good on film! It takes incredible collaboration and brainstorming, but what a great way to learn and think outside the box, and you laugh a lot along the way, partly out of severe exhaustion 🙂

Here, I was playing a very aggressive female lead detective who had quite a chip on her shoulder.


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NetherBeast, Incorporated This is the filming of a lunchtime scene from Netherbeast that we shot in a cafeteria. It was a very funny scene in the movie, but what you DON’T see, is that we were all exhausted from shooting over twelve hours that day!

We didn’t start shooting this particular scene until after midnight, and by the time we were done, it was almost 5am! That is what REALLY goes on behind the scenes on a film set…

“Colors of America” 2009/2010 calendar

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Currently SOLD OUT. The 2011 calendar will be available next summer!

calendar_smThis is a full-sized, color wall calendar that is good through December, 2010. It measures 13.5″ x 23″ (perfect for hanging!) and includes 14 unique, military-inspired shots featuring actual uniform items donated by some of our men and women currently serving overseas. In addition, the calendar features several photo recreations paying tribute to the most famous classic World War II pin-ups!

A portion of all calendar sales is being donated to NewEnglandWarrior.com, a military charity that provides much needed supplies to our troops, as well as scholarships for military families, memorial funds and more. Great as a gift, décor item for a room, or simply a patriotic statement of support for our troops!

Visit the Store page to order, and be sure to read the amazing story behind the calendar’s origins!

“Netherbeast, Incorporated” released!

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netherbeastdvdcoverartJust released!  Cathy plays the irresistibly quirky role of “Jewel” in NetherBeast, Incorporated, a new comedy starring Darrell Hammond, Robert Wagner, Steve Burns, Dave Foley, Amy Davidson and Jason Mewes.

Written by Bruce Dellis, directed by Dean Ronalds and produced by Brian and Dean Ronalds – available on DVD now!

Visit the official site for more information!

“Locker 13”

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I just completed work on the new film Locker 13, where I had a leading role opposite Dave Huddleston (Blazing Saddles/The Big Lebowski), Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds/Risky Business) and Bart Johnson (High School Musical, the Movie).

What a great cast, and a blast to film! I played a trombone playing burlesque dancer from the 1920’s in a role that was funny, yet a bit dark and slightly sad….the best kind of complicated character an actor could hope to play! And better yet, it was my first singing role on film, so it was exciting to stretch my range and use my voice. And, by the way, it wasn’t too bad to be the only girl in the cast, either 🙂

The film is scheduled for completion in late 2008. For more info, go to www.Locker13.com!

Dewars Whiskey ad campaign

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Dewars Whiskey just completed a new ad campaign that will hit YouTube and the Dewars website this spring.

In this video, I had the best time playing a somewhat bitter, shallow news anchor who almost loses her cool on air. What fun it was to run wild with the part, and I’m sure you’ll recognize a little bit of your favorite news anchors in there 🙂

Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night

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In 2008, I was a featured Red Carpet Host at the Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night, where I  interviewed Dionne Warwick, LaDanian Thomlinson, David Foster, Terry Crews, Kevin Sorbo, Holly Robinson Pete, Jordin Sparks and more!

It was an incredible experience, with the hottest stars from film, television, sports and music all in one room! I am looking forward to sharing clips of the interviews on my new hosting reel, which is currently in editing – keep checking back, it should be up and running on the site within a few short weeks!

QualityStocks daily report

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If you’re like most of America, and concerned with the economy and your investments, make sure you check out www.QualityStocks.net, where I host a daily report and wrap up on the latest stock and economic news.

This company has seen their website hits and viewing audience skyrocket this past year, as timely market information becomes even more critical to all of us!

Keep checking back as new features are added and the company continues to grow.

“Liquid Extremes” sports show

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Last summer, I had the crazy experience of hosting a new half hour sports show called “Liquid Extremes,” which takes an inside look at the fast-paced world of power boating. I am pleased to announce that the show has been sold, and as I get information on its release, I will post it here!

The first six episodes were shot entirely at Lake Havasu in Arizona in temperatures that often soared above 115 degrees! Good thing the dress code for boating involves a lot of bikinis…

However, the show producers weren’t about to let me off the hook! They had me get hands-on with the craftsmen who build these million dollar boats, so there were a few times where I was sweating it out in full gas masks and protective suits in non-air conditioned workshops! I learned how to gel coat, spray laminate and work on interiors, and let me tell you, it is HARD WORK!

Props to the guys who create these dream machines, hopefully I didn’t screw up too many paint jobs for them.

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