Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet!

March 7, 2009 by  
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OK, don’t hold it against me, but one of the easiest targets to spoof as an actor is a news anchor. I admire and give much respect to the hard work they do in real life, but let’s face it, it is too irresistable to not indulge in having a little fun with the stereotypical image that they often live up to quite accurately 🙂

So, in this viral video on YouTube, you will see me playing yet another bitter, 30-something female newscaster who has had innapropriate relations with her co-anchor and is bitter about being stuck in a small-town news station when she’d rather be a national star, lol!

The video was produced for “Simply Slender” a new health/diet product that is based on the famous Master Cleanse used by many of today’s top celebrities and health enthusiasts…see if you notice the nasty comment my character makes in the heat of the argument, you might have to play it a few times to hear it, as it is said while we are both yelling 🙂