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I just completed work on an extremely fun project called “Maneater.” This television miniseries, which will air on Lifetime over Memorial Day Weekend in two episodes, was directed by film and television star, Timothy Busfield. What a fun set it was, with great comedic and dramatic actors including Sarah Chalke, Judy Greer, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Maria Conchita Alonzo, and more….I played a spoiled, pretentious Beverly Hills snob named “Misty,” who is a so-called friend of the lead character, played by Sarah Chalke. I have to say, I don’t like to do “bimbo” roles very often, but this one was way too much fun to pass up, because the miniseries is so over the top funny, and my character is such an idiot, lol! How could I resist!?? Check local listings for air times in your area…

“The Controller” picked up by STARZ!

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controller_poster_smJust Announced! A feature film I co-starred in, “The Controller,” just got picked up by the STARZ network, and will air April 20th, at 9:45am/4:50pm ET/PT and April 28th, at 4:30pm ET/PT.

This family friendly film received several festival awards as well as endorsements from XBOX and other major corporate sponsors. Maitland Primrose Film Distribution in association with Moving Pictures Film and Television is pleased to be the worldwide distributor of the film, and has already released it overseas, with additional U.S. distribution expected this year.

For more info, you can go to the film’s official website, www.thecontrollerthemovie.com. Enjoy!

Official Press Release:


Phoenix, AZ (March 30, 2009) —  Starz Entertainment recently acquired the US broadcast rights to distribute the live-action/animated, action/comedy feature The Controller.  Starz, one of the leading premium entertainment television channels will premiere the movie on their Starz Kids & Family channel on April 20th, 9:45/6:45am ET/PT and 4:50/1:50pm ET/PT.

With the endorsement of video game console giant XBOX, this highly anticipated movie is the directorial debut of award winning filmmaker Frank Michels who also penned the original fiction screenplay about the world of online console video game players.

The Controller centers around a bored billionaire stuck in his “perfect” world, until his wife is suddenly abducted.  Now, he is forced to play a video game and win within eight hours to get her back.  In his new “surreal” world, we follow along as the billionaire joins forces with an oddly diverse team of unsung heroes known as the “Armchair Combat Professionals”.

However, not all of the Armchair Combat Professionals work alone.  John Dobradenka commandeers the role of Armchair Combat Professional, Master Chief, although, it is not until the appearance of – Mrs. Master Chief – Cathy Rankin, in which the moniker of the “uber-couple” of The Controller comes to life.  Cathy, an up-and-coming film and television actress, as well as an accomplished sports commentator and reporter, is the breath of fresh air a producer always hopes for in a movie. “She shows you, in her own special way, that she’s down to earth, genuine and funny,” says Frank Michels,  “And, the chemistry between her and John in the movie, completed the look we needed for them as a unique couple.”

Maitland Primrose Film Distribution in association with Moving Pictures Film and Television is pleased to be the worldwide distributor of The Controller.