Check Out These Wheels!

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Here’s the final edit of a commercial I shot for Acura that aired in Dallas – I tried to convince the producers to let me have the car in exchange for all my hard work on set but they didn’t go for that idea, LOL…..Believe it or not it took 7 hours on set just to get the correct shot of me walking by the car, running my finger along the side and turning a darn knob! But at the end of the day it was fun to sink back in the leather seats and enjoy the fake wind in my hair 🙂 I’m waiting for Ferrari to come calling, maybe those guys will give me a vehicle 🙂

January 22-25, 2009: LAS VEGAS!!!

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I just got back from Sin City last week where I attended the Shot Show to promote my Colors of America calendar for the troops, as well as a poster I did for Accuracy International. The biggest Sin was that it was raining the whole time I was in Vegas, but we still had fun! Many thanks to all the great people that stopped by and donated to show support for my project! The show was full of the top dealers and manufacturers in weapons, and WOW, they were all so gracious to me while I was there! I shared laughs and a few beers with some pretty cool people, including the SWAT and Sniper guys from a certain police department that I will not name in case it gets them in trouble, LOL – Hey, at least I know that if anyone messes with me, I am now very well protected by my new friends 🙂 Trust me, you don’t want to make these guys mad – they are TOUGH!!!!

Most importantly, I was able to donate more money to New England Warrior for the troops, and I officially SOLD OUT of my calendars!!! Sooooooooo, look for a new 2011 calendar coming soon – there will be a news story on it with all the details as soon as I can catch my breath from this crazy trip…

P.S. Special Thanks to Arsenal, Dillon and Accuracy International who have all been a huge support to me! (Arsenal allowed me to take up valuable space in their booth…)

P.P.S. My calendar story got picked up by the national publication, Guns & Ammo Magazine – thanks for the support, guys!

“Netherbeast, Incorporated” now showing

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netherbeastdvdcoverartNow Showing! Netherbeast, Incorporated (the dark comedy I co-starred in with Darrell Hammond, Dave Foley, Amy Davidson, Steve Burns, Jason Mewes and Judd Nelson) is now available on shelves at Blockbuster, Target, Best Buy as well as on-demand through Cox or Netflix. Check out the film trailer and visit the official site for more information!