May 13-16, 2010 – NRA Part Two!

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Me and calendar photosWhat a blast (no pun intended :-)) I had at my second NRA National Convention in North Carolina this year! My new 2011 calendars were hot off the press just in time to launch at the show, and it was a good thing because there were people standing in line for them and we ended up going through more than 8 boxes in one weekend! Special thanks to all the Dillon fans who are so loyal and enthusiastic in their support, as well as all the other fans of last year’s calendar (Tom and Patsy, you are by far my greatest fans!), and of course the new friends and fans I met! Like last year, I was impressed with the heartwarming sincerity, generosity and patriotism of the attendees, and once again a few tears were shed when I had the honor of listening to certain people share their personal stories. I met some incredible veterans, some were retired heroes, others were currently serving heroes! As always, all were humble, open, kind, intelligent and fun! I am always so moved and inspired by the people I meet at shows like this, and we all agree on one thing – our men and women in uniform deserve nothing less than our full support and gratitude.

On a lighter note, the final night gala was a great time, with Charlie Daniels playing a killer live version of “Devil Went Down to Georgia,” and there were great speeches given by Newt Gingrich, Oliver North, Glenn Beck and so many more over the weekend. There were some fun celebs walking around, including Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris and a few others, so it was great fun and fascinating to observe! Special Thanks to Walker, Elias and Matt at Arsenal for all their help and generosity – you know these guys are special gentlemen when they are willing to haul a 20-pound, ridiclously oversized purse for a girl who’s feet hurt too much to walk 🙂 Needless to say, there were plenty of hilarious moments throughout the show…

California, here I come!

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Just had a blast filming a new commercial for Hyundai. Thanks to Arrowhead Advertising for a fun and easy shoot! The ad will air in California, where I often get to work and play. In fact, I just returned from another gig in L.A., and while there, I ate at Bazaar restaurant, the latest creation of famed Chef Jose Andres. Let me just say, it was the best food I’ve ever had, and the atmosphere was just as wonderful! Our waiter, Terence, was incredible, turns out he is a comedy writer on the side, and he had us laughing so much during dinner that I thought we might get kicked out – if you are ever in L.A. you have to try this place just once (google it!), it is AMAZING!