“The Graves” on DVD and SyFy Channel

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The Graves, A recent Brian Pulido film that I was in, is now available on DVD and also playing on the SyFy channel. Check the official website thegravesmovie.com for more info!

MNF promo

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MNF promo This was taken while filming a Monday Night Football Opening Skit with legendary actor Leslie Nielsen.

This will always be the best moment of my career for me personally, because I have always been a huge fan of Leslie’s work. He is a brilliant comedic actor, but he actually started in theater and dramatic acting. He is best remembered for his character in the “Airplane” and “Naked Gun” movies, and I was humbled to get to re-enact with him an updated version of one of the most famous film lines of all times, “Don’t Call Me Shirley.”

I did the set-up, he delivered the punchline! What an honor! The promo we did together was actually nominated for a Sports Emmy Award the year it aired.

Photos: “Maneater” and “The Controller”

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Enjoy these photos taken during various projects after the cameras stopped rolling! Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image and description.


The Controller

Fan mail from the boys overseas

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November 5, 2010 — As you know, I always love receiving letters and emails from our heroes overseas, and I was once again honored and humbled when I recently got an email from another the Warlords, 1-3 Attack Helicopter Battalion in Afghanistan, currently stationed at Bagram Air Base.

These handsome guys took a group picture with my calendar, which they somehow managed to get a hold of over there, and what fun it was to see their faces and read their gracious and sweet email!

They hope to be home for Thanksgiving, so please keep them all in your prayers. I am so blown away that these guys continue to thank me, when I am only doing what we ALL should be doing without hesitation…honoring THEM!!!!

Small girl, big gun…

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May 27th, 2010 — OK, you’ve all asked, and I can now answer that YES, I FINALLY got to shoot the MiniGun! My fave guys at Dillon took me out to their private range where they train military personnel (and basically have a blast shooting at a bunch of fun stuff), and they let me loose!

After a brief round of instruction from Trey, our expert trainer, I was strapped into a Huey Helicopter and BOOM! I pressed the red buttons on the minigun and didn’t let go as a hail of ammunition flew out…needless to say, I released a lot of frustration on some very unfortunate vehicles in the desert that day!

Apparently, I was a pretty good shot, and I have to say it was one of the most exhilarating and fun things I’ve ever done in my life, not only shooting the gun, but just riding in an open helicopter with no door! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Thanks to Veteran Pilot and War Hero, Cass for his expert flying…Here are some fun photos from that day (oh yeah, and we managed to fit in a quick photo shoot, too, those pictures will be posted soon…)

2010 Calendar photos now online

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My 2009/10 calendar sold out early this year, but due to popular demand we have now put the pictures online for you to view. If you like those shots, you’ll love the new 2011 calendar, but get yours quickly as we are already getting hundreds of pre-orders…Enjoy!!!

Current National TV Show

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November 1, 2010 — This past year I’ve been working extensively with Real-Estate Expert and NY Times Best-Selling Author, Dean Graziosi, who produces multiple shows on how to make money or succeed in not only investment property, but other industries, as well.

I have been hosting a successful series of shows for Dean which are running nationally on TV as we speak, interviewing various authors and entrepreneurs who have best-selling books, seminars and/or Television shows. Recently, we worked with Than Merrill and the guys from “Flip My House,” as well as Pete Thomas, Season 2 At-Home Winner from Biggest Loser.

Through the shows we explore a variety of subjects from economic and business strategies to Effective Weight Loss and Nutrition Programs. Look for a major announcement coming in 2011 as we have teamed up with a major A-List Hollywood Celebrity whom I can’t yet name, for an exciting new project! I will be posting a video clip of some or our shows within the next week…

2011 Pinup Calendar Launch

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November 5, 2010 — My 2010 Pinup Calendar in honor of  the U.S. Troops sold out quickly, and was such a success that we knew we HAD to follow it up with an even better 2011 Calendar! So, we’ve gone FULL VINTAGE WWII PINUP on this one, and the response so far is overwhelming!

Thanks to all of you who have been such a great support! Once again, profits from the calendar will be donated to New England Warrior to help support education and scholarships for our men and women in uniform and their families, as well as other needs.

The calendar is launching on this year’s upcoming Veteran’s Day, with full media and internet blasts. Make sure you get yours before they are gone because we’ve already sold half our inventory to fans who pre-ordered from last year, as well as to new fans whom I’ve met at several event signings this year where I’ve been honored as a special guest, including the NRA show and others.

God Bless our military personnel, and to those who continue to send me letters, emails and mementos from the battlefield, I am truly humbled and grateful…you are my HEROES!!!! Check out the Behind the Scenes Video when it is posted next week!

Thanks to photographers Richard Petrillo and Barry Gossage for the amazing calendar shots!

QVC appearances

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November 2, 2010 — In the last few months I was honored to become certified as a host through QVC’s Guest Excellence Program in Philadelphia, PA. I will be featured in 3 upcoming live segments on QVC representing the Video Professor.

While at QVC headquarters, I got a behind the scenes tour and was amazed at the magnitude of their studios and production – the main control room looked like NASA 🙂 The hosts and personnel at QVC are top notch, and I look forward to my trips back to Philly for the live tapings.

My first appearance is scheduled for November 16th, at 2am in the morning, so if you’re a night owl, check it out! Following appearances will not be as late 🙂 I will post fun pictures from the set after my first appearance so check back here soon.

A real knockout

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October 22 — Well, here’s a shoot that was just nothing but fun! I was cast as “The Knockout Girl” for a commercial for Knockout Energy Drink.

Not only did I get to work with three HOT guys, but I got to act and have fun with a top-notch production team, including Paul DeNegris and Steve Briscoe. I played a frumpy, nerdy girl who has an embarrassing moment with 3 “cool” guys, but redeems herself when she transforms into a total Knockout!

Of course, the transformation takes place when she discovers the Knockout Energy Drink, and a good revenge butt-kicking of the guys ensues…(and by the way, the other two knockout girls in the commercial were not only young, tall and supermodel beautiful, but they were amazingly sweet and kind to work with, too, life just isn’t fair)…I will post the actual commercial video on my site as soon as it is released in the next few weeks!

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