Happy New Year!

January 23, 2014 by  
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Happy New Year, everyone! Well, it’s time for all our resolutions to begin, and with that in mind, I just finished a few television commercials for the most amazing Sports and Health Club in Seattle, Washington!

Now, this is not your average club – it is more like a resort, complete with everything from a beauty salon, spa, doctors on staff for everything from anti-aging treatments to weight loss and nutrition plans…and oh, of course, a world class workout facility with everything you could imagine!

It is the Pro Sports Club, owned by Dr. Mark DeDomenico, who was one of the world renowned heart surgeons who helped develop bypass surgery. He also oversaw one of the largest privately held companies, Golden Grain Macaroni Company, which had the Rice-a-Roni, Golden Grain Pasta and Ghirardelli brands.

His devotion to health and fitness is seen throughout this amazing health club, and his vision for helping people improve their lifestyles is impressive! Check out one of the 30-second spots that aired last year, and there’s more to come in 2014!


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