With a versatile body of acting and hosting work, including film, television, theater, commercial, and industrial experience, Cathy Rankin is quickly gaining national attention as an established personality in the entertainment industry.

As an actor, Cathy has shown a tireless work ethic, completing lead and supporting roles in over twenty-four films, as well as starring or co-starring in numerous television shows and commercials, including the recent Lifetime Miniseries “Maneater,” directed by Timothy Busfield. You can see Cathy in the just-released comedy “Netherbeast, Inc.” starring Darrell Hammond, Judd Nelson, Robert Wagner, and Dave Foley, as well as the new Brian Pulido film, “The Graves” starring Tony Todd and “Mad Mad Wagon Party” featuring George Kennedy. Cathy’s ability to navigate both dramatic, and especially comedic roles, has earned her praise and recognition from producers, directors and fellow cast members. Currently, she is in production on multiple television and film projects, while also traveling the country promoting and speaking about a calendar project she produced for the troops overseas.

Cathy also continues to work extensively as a celebrity host, reporter and spokesperson in both sports and entertainment. She has been involved in many national and international television shows and events on Fox Sports Network, ESPN, ABC, UPN and more. She has conducted both in-depth and Red Carpet interviews with notable celebrities such as Bob Costas, Dionne Warwick, Chris Collinsworth, Hannah Storm, Rob Lowe, Bryant Gumbel, Jordin Sparks, Pam Anderson, Terry Crews, Kevin Sorbo, Cedric the Entertainer, Deon Sanders and more. Most recently, Cathy was featured as a Red Carpet host for multiple Superbowl events, as well as Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night. Cathy’s Monday Night Football promo with Leslie Nielsen was nominated for a Sports Emmy Award in 2004.

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It has always been my dream to entertain. I love the entire process of creating a look, interpreting a character, or telling a story in a way that evokes emotion or reaction. Whether its making people laugh or cry, or simply causing someone to think a little deeper, my passion is to relate to an audience, even if it is just one person! It is this dream that has kept me striving and learning. My life has been full of incredible learning experiences, all of them influencing who and what I am today. I hope this comes through in the pictures I take, the characters I portray, or the words I write. In the end, I want to give people a better sense of my personality and character, as well as learn from those around me.

This all started when I was younger – I loved making up stories, skits and songs, and then acting them out for anyone who would put up with it! If no one was around, then I’d play all the characters myself, and use the mirror as my audience. I’ve always been so full of thoughts and emotions, I had to get them out somehow! It sounds cliché, but I had a bit of a shy streak, and was never the typical “popular” cheerleader type, so somehow writing and acting things out made it easier for me to express myself, without feeling self-conscious. In any case, my parents always supported me and allowed me to do whatever I felt in my heart. Thus, I jumped right in with both feet. I started modeling at the age of 8, nothing major, just for fun. At the same time, I explored music, drama and writing. At sixteen, I had the chance to study and work professionally in New York City, but at the time my parents felt I was too young, and we chose not to pursue it. Some people might say this was a mistake, but I feel there are no mistakes in life – everything happens for a reason, and I choose not to get hung up on regrets, or dwelling on hindsight about what could have been.

I went on to college, and my life took a different direction for a while. I truly believe education is such an important part of becoming a responsible, contributing adult. Knowledge is power, and the more you have, the better equipped you are to deal with anything, and this is especially important for women. It is hard to be taken seriously, so it is crucial to arm yourself with every advantage you can. This was a great time for me, as I learned so much about the real world. I worked in large corporations, owned a successful company and found out how to function personally and professionally in any situation. I realized how to be strong, focused and overcome obstacles. And, as an extreme perfectionist, I had to learn how to accept failure and turn it into something positive. This is something I’m still working on!

It was during this time that I sort of “fell” back into modeling, because certain opportunities presented themselves, and I got the bug to act again. I had come to a point in my life, where no matter what I accomplished in business, it did not completely satisfy me, and I realized that deep down inside, I still had a need to express myself creatively. I guess I’m a really strange combination of creative dreamer and staunch realist. No wonder I drive myself (and probably others) crazy! But, I feel it is never to late to pursue what you want, so once again, I jumped in with both feet – I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge!

So, here I am today. I have a long way to go, but I am enjoying every bit of the journey! I have met so many interesting people, and learned something from each one. This is what life is all about. I have a wonderful family, friends and mentors who have been there the entire way and I can only hope that I can give back as much as I’ve been given. Enjoy the site!