2012 recap and a look into 2013

A message to my friends and fans (plus some serious and not so serious moments)…

As the new year kicks off, I’m looking back at a lot of things – so much has happened not just in the last year, but really the last two years!

My calendar project took off so much more than I expected, causing me to travel like crazy, and giving me some of the coolest opportunities, but I also got to enjoy so many great moments in between with my everyday work of interviewing and shooting with so many heartwarming and fascinating people.

There were fun commercials, (some serious, some not so much…LOL), invigorating new opportunities like singing in an upcoming band project with a good musician friend of mine, and then all the usual things like corporate videos, infomercials, magazine shoots, etc. It was a lot of work, a lot of challenge, and a lot of juggling, but boy has it been fun!

I am grateful every day that I am blessed to do what I love, and make such wonderful friends in the process – I work with some tremendously generous and talented and incredibly smart people in all these things, and I learn and grow from each one!

Thanks to all of you who made my jobs seem so easy this year, and thanks to all those who supported and cheered me on in my charity work – there was a lot of knocking on doors to ask for help and get people to CARE about the message, but so many responded above and beyond the call of duty! For all of you who send emails, posts and questions about not only the charity projects, but the regular work I do and the people I meet, here are some fun pics I thought I’d share so you can see what a year in my life looks like!!! I hope you enjoy!

Meet Mom, this explains where my insanity comes from! 🙂 Funniest woman in the world, ya gotta love her.

I’m obsessed with owls, so when I was attending a military expo for my charity project, I couldn’t pass up this photo opp – that owl is NOT fake!

On set and assuming the official “host pose” with my regular segment “The Daily Dish” for Sheknows.com.

Interviewing Sara Haley (sarahaley.com) about her new workout DVD, Sweat Unlimited – we are laughing for reasons I will never divulge! Let’s just say her humor is as naughty as mine, that’s why we had so much fun 🙂

On a film set, desperately trying to look intelligent and credible, LOL.

OK – this was the most fun audition ever for a character from the 1980s – I was relishing it a little too much since I lived it! The scary part is that the jacket I’m wearing WAS ACTUALLY MINE from the 80s and I thought it was HOT!!!

So, I’m glad I was important enough to be on this series promo poster, but wow, what an unflattering expression on my face, LOL.

Taking a break from work to vacation with my BFF Page – oh the stories she could tell about me – we are still hoping to bring back side ponytails as a huge fashion trend…

In NYC chatting with the Port Authority guys during the Veteran’s Day parade – They were so much fun and offered to personally escort me in and out of New York any time I travel there so I can skip all the traffic! 🙂

My best fans and the reason why I do my calendar – these guys faced some very tough circumstances in Afghanistan…

Marching with the Marines in NYC on Veteran’s Day – what a thrill! It was freezing too!

Interviewing author/TV personality Kym Douglas about her new book the day before it launched on the Ellen DeGeneres show! She was such a riot, and she’s married to one of the stars from my favorite show, The Young and the Restless! 🙂

Shooting a commercial for an energy drink – the guys got the hotrod, I got the moped, go figure, lol.

In hair and makeup, where I spend half my life.

“Hey, this tree looks comfortable, why don’t you lean against it for this awesome headshot… ” Ummm, not so comfortable…

“Wait, I have to fix my shoe, and how great that the wind just happens to be blowing my hair while I have a giant grin on my face.”

Another day, another headshot, uuuugggghhh I hate this part of the job!

I don’t even know what to say about this shot other than hello DORKY!!!

OK, this is really cool – the military presented me with a very special custom made piece that I cherish to this day – it has a lot of meaning behind it, and is not something a civilian would normally get!

NYC with the Statue of Liberty way behind me – in all the times I’ve been to NYC, I still haven’t been able to go up in the statue! Its on my bucket list!

Pair of devil ears + cheap black widow t-shirt from target = last-minute Halloween costume.

Sitting on a dock by the water in capris and a turtleneck – really??? But it made for a nice shot for a magazine fashion spread 🙂

A girl’s gotta relax somehow, right???

Being ridiculous tourists in Ventura, Cali.

NYC Times Square – my daughter took this pic – she’s WAY better with technology than me!

The infamous mini-gun – yes that is me actually shooting at cars in the desert!!! And nice hair!

Sitting on top of a Jeep for a cool photo – check out the chopper sneaking up behind me…

…and there it goes, almost taking my head with it! LOL

The Dillon crew who made the minigun shoot happen.

Cass, the expert pilot and honorable veteran who took us up in the huey – this guy is in his 80s and can run circles around most people! And boy did he LOVE buckling me in – check out his expression! LOL

On set interviewing a dog trainer – the poor dog was so unimpressed with both of us.

One of my favorite guests EVER – author and TV personality Danny Seo – we are making these fun little New Year’s centerpieces…

…but when the segment was over, we REALLY had fun!

Come on, would you really shoot a gun in this outfit?!

California fun – relaxing before hitting the Jimmy Kimmel show, where I got to hang out with Jimmy in his office after the show – as we started talking, it turned out that his sister and I were great friends in high school, and he couldn’t believe it! He emailed her right then and put us back in contact – how awesome is that?!

The prop guys on the set of Army Wives apparently liked this picture from my calendar and swiped it for their cart, LOL.

A scene from Army Wives, that’s me in the background! 🙂 My friend, and amazing director for many popular shows, John Kretchmer, has graciously given my calendar TV time year after year – thanks John!

Shooting a music video with guitar dynamo, Byron Nemeth…

…and you can’t have a music video without a chick and a fast car.

On the job hired to be a “Bond Girl” for a big event with a James Bond theme – I took the job because I’m a huge James Bond nerd – I have the entire film collection on DVD!

Remember the owl? Well, the guy had an alligator too – interesting fact: the alligator was actually in hibernation, so it barely moved when you touched it – I guess that’s a good thing.

At a private meeting with Muhammad Ali, being a guest in his home was amazing, and he was so gracious.

Chatting with Kevin Costner about our kids at a private charity event…

…and meeting Billy Crystal, who performed a special standup for the small crowd!

More military fans – I love when they send me pics!

Oh wait, another photo of me in a tight dress with a huge gun, LOL.

A print shoot – trying to look corporate – not sure I’m succeeding.

Visiting the VA hospital near Boston – this gentleman was a World War I veteran! There are not too many of these heroes left, so it was an honor to talk with him!

Chatting with another veteran at the VA – this guy was so cool, and he appreciated the visit so much – we handed out mini iPods to everyone for Christmas, and they loved it!

My job involves doing a lot of different things – this particular day I had to demonstrate some workout tips while doing an interview with a fitness instructor – it started out OK…

…but ended with my total humiliation which thoroughly pleased the Daily Dish camera crew, LOL – they got hours of entertainment at my expense, and I have sworn off gyms for the rest of my life after seeing this picture they snapped (not that I really ever actually workout anyways :))

MNF promo

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MNF promo This was taken while filming a Monday Night Football Opening Skit with legendary actor Leslie Nielsen.

This will always be the best moment of my career for me personally, because I have always been a huge fan of Leslie’s work. He is a brilliant comedic actor, but he actually started in theater and dramatic acting. He is best remembered for his character in the “Airplane” and “Naked Gun” movies, and I was humbled to get to re-enact with him an updated version of one of the most famous film lines of all times, “Don’t Call Me Shirley.”

I did the set-up, he delivered the punchline! What an honor! The promo we did together was actually nominated for a Sports Emmy Award the year it aired.

Photos: “Maneater” and “The Controller”

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Enjoy these photos taken during various projects after the cameras stopped rolling! Click on the thumbnails to see a larger image and description.


The Controller

Hammond, Nelson, & Mewes

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NetherBeast, Incorporated On the set of Netherbeast with one of my favorite comedians, Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live! He is a serious and thoughtful gentleman, but the minute the camera goes on, he has everyone in the room laughing hysterically.




NetherBeast, Incorporated What can I say, the famous and brilliant Judd Nelson – who can ever forget his performance in The Breakfast Club! He went on to many other fantastic roles (St. Elmo’s Fire, Billionaire Boys Club, New Jack City, Suddenly Susan, the list goes on….) and he is currently working on numerous projects for film and television. We had a lot of fun on set, but most of all I learned so much just from watching him work – he is a master at breaking down a script! 



NetherBeast, Incorporated Nothing better than getting to wear a costume from the 1970’s. This is me and Jason Mewes (from Clerks, Clerks II, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mall Rats) striking our best disco pose as we are about to film a flashback scene.


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MissMatched These were fun pictures snapped between takes on the set of a short film I participated in called “MissMatched.” It was part of a 48-hour film challenge, where a mix of actors directors and writers randomly form groups and have to create a short film in only two days.

MissMatched It is an extreme challenge to write the script, find locations, props and costumes, and then create a story that looks and sounds good on film! It takes incredible collaboration and brainstorming, but what a great way to learn and think outside the box, and you laugh a lot along the way, partly out of severe exhaustion 🙂

Here, I was playing a very aggressive female lead detective who had quite a chip on her shoulder.


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NetherBeast, Incorporated This is the filming of a lunchtime scene from Netherbeast that we shot in a cafeteria. It was a very funny scene in the movie, but what you DON’T see, is that we were all exhausted from shooting over twelve hours that day!

We didn’t start shooting this particular scene until after midnight, and by the time we were done, it was almost 5am! That is what REALLY goes on behind the scenes on a film set…